Men’s Guide to The Best Oral Sex

In order to maintain that exciting sex life you really need to experiment a little to keep things sizzling hot. For most men it is important that they always bring new things to the table or the bedroom. It is important that they are able to provide pleasure to their partner so that their partner would payback in giving more pleasure to them also. It is after all a good give and take relationship.

So you are now ready to start getting seduced by a cougar and to try out doing oral sex. The most important thing is that you know what you should do with your tongue when everything is all set. It is important that you know that to touch and when to touch them.

Start With a Great Foreplay

Most men when giving oral sex they start right there and then. But it is always better to start with a little foreplay this will enable you to increase the excitement as you go. Always start with kissing your partner and get her into the mood. Then slowly just very slowly almost teasingly work your way down. If she’s not yet undressed make it more exciting by undressing her with your mouth and use a little tongue to tickle her a bit. Then working your way to the neck and on her breast, pay a little attention to her nipples and lick both of them until she moans. Then slowly give little kisses to her stomach and then last on her vagina.

Focus on The Right Spot

Once you are on your partner’s vagina you should always start slowly like in tonights girlfriend porn videos. Focus on the right spots mostly on her clitoris which is the most sensitive part. Just work your way around licking everything and pay attention on all the parts and also take notice on which part excites her more. If you want to try on a different thing you can use ice or try to drink cold water before licking your partner’s vagina. This will add a different thing to your oral sex time. Make sure that you put in enough pressure on her thing to give her the ultimate pleasure that could help her reach orgasm. Try to work your way in a circular motion then look for her G spot. You can also try to suck a little and blow a little air occasionally. Once you get used to it you would know when to suck and when to lick her. Once you get her on climax start to use your fingers to help her reach it. If you and your partner are vocal during sex you could listen to her on what she would like you to do. Your tongue is different from your fingers and penis after all.

Trying out different things once in a while by learning from team skeet videos will help you maintain the same kind of healthy sex life and it can even help you become closer to your partner. This is a different way of knowing them and knowing how to provide pleasure to them is a unique way of keeping them happy with your relationship.

Sex With a Stranger

Today I need to fuck a stranger. A simple, no nonsense fucking with somebody whose name I am not aware of. Whose name I will never be aware of. And they will simply recall me by iknowthatgirl.

I need to sense his arms firmly gripping my body, work my fingers around his physique, and not really care if any of us truly likes this nubiles adventure. I need a screw for labor, a screw in the interest of screwing: I need to screw a stranger.

Fucking strangers
The majority of the sex I have had has been with individuals I recognize. Including the one offs generally occur with associates: a drunk evening, a frenzied fumble, a ‘thanks which was star I’ll meet you at work on Tuesday’ while I went to catch the evening coach. I enjoy those screws – the rare ones.
However stranger sex has been a lot more rare for me. Obviously it’s usually risky, and there’ve been situations when I have unwillingly refused a proposal since I could not really ensure that I would make it home later on. On a few events, however, I have had that scrumptious understanding that – even while we are screwing – both of us realize that after we come it’ll be the conclusion of what ever we have had like those best petite pornstars.

Fucking persons I like
Each day I can screw somebody I like, making me fortunate. Unbelievably so. The simple bend of his palm about my butt, the precise stress on my backbone, driving me to arch my spine perfectly to have the precise thickness of him sliding inside me: fitting. That is precious, and I like it.

However simply because I am taking pleasure in my bath, doesn’t indicate I cannot value how enjoyable it had been to be unclean – occasionally I dream of fucking strangers.

Having sex with a stranger
I envision sitting down on a chair at a club someplace while an unhappy looking man sits close to me. He is sporting a suit, he is dark-colored and good looking, he is a bunch of all cliches I do not usually go with. He dons a wristwatch and it enhances the power of his forearms.
I take a look at his arms and picture him jerking. Wanking himself off in the bathroom: tidy, practical, strongly grunting all through. I think of the ‘unngh’ while he comes in the lavatory bowl, wondering about me looking at him and questioning if I’d.


I would observe him drinking however we would not speak. Sometimes I would capture his attention and do the teasing which I have learned about in guidance textbooks. Well, a more overstated edition, anyhow – bending on the bar to display him a little more of my boobs, crossing and uncrossing my feet till my dress rides up so up he cannot help but think about my pussy.

Firing him the lifted brows what about it glance, and mouthing ‘screw me’ right before I go to the restroom.

In the cubicle, I pullup my dress and stand against the cool ceramic tile with one palm on my knickers. I am thinking of this complete stranger – this no named man – and just how anxiously I need him to follow me. How hard I need his fingers on my pussy, how I do not desire him to see me while he screws me: face on my shoulder, gazing directly on the wall and grimacing with dedication to come.

He comes inside.

He pushes at me with a sort of empty want – no acknowledgement or ‘I see you were staring’, simply directly in with a hard kiss. Absolutely no tongues, no motion, only a hard, 3 second press on my mouth, like to test I will not protest.

I do not, obviously. I sound ‘screw me’ and he nods.

Every Kink in The Book!

I’ve always been interested in fetishes and roleplay, and general kink, ever since I can remember, and way back before I knew what those terms meant!

There is just something so primal about tapping into the fantasies of another, and even better in sharing them with one another. It gives me a real buzz to work on a video with someone, knowing that we share the same kinky idea. or perhaps he doesn’t quite know what he wants, so he gives me an idea and i RUN WITH IT. i probably like this scenario best of all actually, because i get to be really creative. there’s nothing quite like sitting down with a glass of wine and spending an evening planning out how to make that perfect Taboo Femdom Footjob roleplay, or whatever! 🙂

Although i’ve started off with quite a lot of the taboo mom roleplay type stuff, I am actually interested in a huge range of things. Off the top of my head Femdom, Sensual Domination, ball busting, Humiliation, Tickling, Wet & Messy (a video coming up soon for WAM btw!), Giantess, Feet, Heels, Vintage nylons. Oh god and that’s only the beginning! I keep spotting random stuff that makes me think OMG I am SO doing that in a video some time! My list of inspirations is growing and growing and growing lol.

Anyway, I wanted to pop this up here as my site has been open just over a week now and it was high time I said a little bit more about myself and my motivations. So there you go. Hope you like my site, my videos, and me 🙂

You’ll be seeing a lot more!




British PAWG Loves BBC!

We met a couple of weeks ago when you came over from the USA on business. We hit it off immediately. I’ve always loved black guys and BBC, and baby yours is AMAZING. I can’t stop thinking about how good it felt to have my tight white pussy stretched wide open by that big nigger dick.

I wanted to make this little video so you can see just what you’re missing now you’ve gone home. You’re addicted to this phat, round milky white pawg ass and big tits aren’t you? Can’t stop thinking about how good your black cock looks as it slides into me.

Well if you want it, if you REALLY want it, you’re gonna have to come back to England and prove it! I’ll even let you fuck me bareback and take that nigger spunk deep in my tight little white girl pussy!

Perving over Mommie

I’ve just gotten home after a night out with my colleagues in London, but I’m a little worse for wear oops! I can barely stand up straight so I jump onto the bed and try to get ready to go to sleep. Ooh my poor head is spinning!

I try to undo the top of my dress to take it off but I can’t, i can’t even take off my shoes. I fall down and lay on the bed too inebriated to do anything at all. baby you’re going to have to help me. Can you take off my shoes please?

You help mummy take off her shoes, and then her stockings too. As you do so you make sure to get a good long look. it’s not often you get chance to perve on mummy like this is it? Lots of slow motion views of mum’s feet, legs and bum as you tentatively touch her soft warm skin. Mmm she smells and looks so good! You’re going to really enjoy the view.

Learn with mummy (Taboo, Joi)

I’ve been getting concerned lately that you’re not doing as well with the opposite sex as you should be. You spend too much time at home on the internet and i never meet any of your girlfriends! I call you into my bedroom to have a proper chat and ask you if you have a girlfriend yet

While we talk I notice you’re getting aroused. Huh, that is totally inappropriate, stop it at once! but once i realize how much my short little tight dress is showing off my breasts and turning you on, i can’t help but tease you. Telling you how worried I am, I begin to show you how to touch yourself.. down there.

Well if you’re going to get a girlfriend, you need to know these things! I show you exactly how to touch it and make it cum, and help you along with nice views of my big soft breasts, and my sticky pink pussy.

Foot Run to Foot Job (Taboo, Footjob)

I’m a tired mummy, just home from work. I’ve been on my feet ALL day, running round the office being a good secretary, and now my feet are soooo tired. The last thing I want to think about is housework. I need my special boy to give me one of his famous foot rubs to help me relax.

Enjoying the foot rub I relax on the bed, leaning backwards giving you a nice view of my body in my tight pencil skirt and little shirt. Ooops, I just remembered, mummy’s boy has a thing for feet doesn’t he? And here i am teasing him with mine. Naughty mummy.

I’m almost ashamed to admit it but it turns me on just a little, knowing just how much he loves my feet. it’s not long before my playful teasing becomes very serious and I just can’t help myself but put my bare feet and toes around my excited boy’s cock. I just want to make him happy after all the wonderful foot rubs he’s been giving me!

Jerk for Me (JOI, Humiliation)

OK so let me get this straight, not only have you turned into a complete sap since we broke up, but you also need to be TOLD how to wank now! Are you really that pathetic? OK loser on your knees.. get that cock out for me and do EXACTLY as I say!

If you don’t know how to control yourself or even how to get yourself off anymore, then i’m going to have to take over. Don’t try to deny being a pathetic loser… just shut up and jerk for me!

My Special boy (Jerk off Instruction/ Handjob)

Family is so important don’t you think? Now that there’s just you and me I’m even more protective over you that usual. I want to make sure you’re happy afterall, it’s in my nature to be nurturing and teach you everything i know. I know you’ve been having some inappropriate fantasies about me lately though.

You’ve been dreaming of being my special boy for REAL haven’t you? I must admit I have had some similar ideas. But it’s so bad, we mustn’t! I try to resist, but I just can’t help myself when i see how big you’ve grown! I want to see what it feels like in my hands and how it tastes

Do you like that? I can’t let you cum in my mouth though, that would be wrong, so i just bring you right to the very edge. You are my special boy afterall. I’d do anything for you.

Mommy’s Nylons (Pantyhose JOI)

I know how turned on you are when you see me all dressed up for work in my silky lace top stockings and high heels. It’s completely wrong on every level.. you KNOW that! But still you can’t help looking at perving.

This isn’t the first time I’ve caught you looking at me in that way either! OK well if you’re so insistent then go ahead and show me just how much you love those nylons of mine. I’m going to instruct you to wank off properly. you can’t touch me of course as that would be totally out of line, but I can make sure you’re doing it right at least. I instruct you how to jerk for me while showing off my long legs front, back, and side, along with my sexy stockinged feet once I take my shoes off.

You’re not going to be able to resist cumming all over mummy’s sexy stockings!