Every Kink in The Book!

I’ve always been interested in fetishes and roleplay, and general kink, ever since I can remember, and way back before I knew what those terms meant!

There is just something so primal about tapping into the fantasies of another, and even better in sharing them with one another. It gives me a real buzz to work on a video with someone, knowing that we share the same kinky idea. or perhaps he doesn’t quite know what he wants, so he gives me an idea and i RUN WITH IT. i probably like this scenario best of all actually, because i get to be really creative. there’s nothing quite like sitting down with a glass of wine and spending an evening planning out how to make that perfect Taboo Femdom Footjob roleplay, or whatever! 🙂

Although i’ve started off with quite a lot of the taboo mom roleplay type stuff, I am actually interested in a huge range of things. Off the top of my head Femdom, Sensual Domination, ball busting, Humiliation, Tickling, Wet & Messy (a video coming up soon for WAM btw!), Giantess, Feet, Heels, Vintage nylons. Oh god and that’s only the beginning! I keep spotting random stuff that makes me think OMG I am SO doing that in a video some time! My list of inspirations is growing and growing and growing lol.

Anyway, I wanted to pop this up here as my site has been open just over a week now and it was high time I said a little bit more about myself and my motivations. So there you go. Hope you like my site, my videos, and me 🙂

You’ll be seeing a lot more!




Mommy’s Nylons (Pantyhose JOI)

I know how turned on you are when you see me all dressed up for work in my silky lace top stockings and high heels. It’s completely wrong on every level.. you KNOW that! But still you can’t help looking at perving.

This isn’t the first time I’ve caught you looking at me in that way either! OK well if you’re so insistent then go ahead and show me just how much you love those nylons of mine. I’m going to instruct you to wank off properly. you can’t touch me of course as that would be totally out of line, but I can make sure you’re doing it right at least. I instruct you how to jerk for me while showing off my long legs front, back, and side, along with my sexy stockinged feet once I take my shoes off.

You’re not going to be able to resist cumming all over mummy’s sexy stockings!