Learn with mummy (Taboo, Joi)

I’ve been getting concerned lately that you’re not doing as well with the opposite sex as you should be. You spend too much time at home on the internet and i never meet any of your girlfriends! I call you into my bedroom to have a proper chat and ask you if you have a girlfriend yet

While we talk I notice you’re getting aroused. Huh, that is totally inappropriate, stop it at once! but once i realize how much my short little tight dress is showing off my breasts and turning you on, i can’t help but tease you. Telling you how worried I am, I begin to show you how to touch yourself.. down there.

Well if you’re going to get a girlfriend, you need to know these things! I show you exactly how to touch it and make it cum, and help you along with nice views of my big soft breasts, and my sticky pink pussy.

Foot Run to Foot Job (Taboo, Footjob)

I’m a tired mummy, just home from work. I’ve been on my feet ALL day, running round the office being a good secretary, and now my feet are soooo tired. The last thing I want to think about is housework. I need my special boy to give me one of his famous foot rubs to help me relax.

Enjoying the foot rub I relax on the bed, leaning backwards giving you a nice view of my body in my tight pencil skirt and little shirt. Ooops, I just remembered, mummy’s boy has a thing for feet doesn’t he? And here i am teasing him with mine. Naughty mummy.

I’m almost ashamed to admit it but it turns me on just a little, knowing just how much he loves my feet. it’s not long before my playful teasing becomes very serious and I just can’t help myself but put my bare feet and toes around my excited boy’s cock. I just want to make him happy after all the wonderful foot rubs he’s been giving me!

My Special boy (Jerk off Instruction/ Handjob)

Family is so important don’t you think? Now that there’s just you and me I’m even more protective over you that usual. I want to make sure you’re happy afterall, it’s in my nature to be nurturing and teach you everything i know. I know you’ve been having some inappropriate fantasies about me lately though.

You’ve been dreaming of being my special boy for REAL haven’t you? I must admit I have had some similar ideas. But it’s so bad, we mustn’t! I try to resist, but I just can’t help myself when i see how big you’ve grown! I want to see what it feels like in my hands and how it tastes

Do you like that? I can’t let you cum in my mouth though, that would be wrong, so i just bring you right to the very edge. You are my special boy afterall. I’d do anything for you.

Watch Mummy Cum

I’m getting changed after a long day at work when I notice you’ve been watching me through the crack in the door! At first I’m shocked and try to explain how wrong it is of you to look at me that way. But i’m also concerned for you and want to make sure you know all about arousal and how it works.

I can’t touch you, and i can’t let you touch me, but if you’re a good boy I’m going to let you watch while i make myself cum with my hitachi Magic Wand. I strip off down to my bra and black lace thong and sit above you on a stool POV style

You look like you need a little encouragement as you’re so nervous, so I tell you exactly how to stroke your cock while giving you a good view of my panties as i stroke my pussy through them. Oh my, how big you’ve grown lately! Let’s cum together..