Every Kink in The Book!

I’ve always been interested in fetishes and roleplay, and general kink, ever since I can remember, and way back before I knew what those terms meant!

There is just something so primal about tapping into the fantasies of another, and even better in sharing them with one another. It gives me a real buzz to work on a video with someone, knowing that we share the same kinky idea. or perhaps he doesn’t quite know what he wants, so he gives me an idea and i RUN WITH IT. i probably like this scenario best of all actually, because i get to be really creative. there’s nothing quite like sitting down with a glass of wine and spending an evening planning out how to make that perfect Taboo Femdom Footjob roleplay, or whatever! 🙂

Although i’ve started off with quite a lot of the taboo mom roleplay type stuff, I am actually interested in a huge range of things. Off the top of my head Femdom, Sensual Domination, ball busting, Humiliation, Tickling, Wet & Messy (a video coming up soon for WAM btw!), Giantess, Feet, Heels, Vintage nylons. Oh god and that’s only the beginning! I keep spotting random stuff that makes me think OMG I am SO doing that in a video some time! My list of inspirations is growing and growing and growing lol.

Anyway, I wanted to pop this up here as my site has been open just over a week now and it was high time I said a little bit more about myself and my motivations. So there you go. Hope you like my site, my videos, and me 🙂

You’ll be seeing a lot more!




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