Men’s Guide to The Best Oral Sex

In order to maintain that exciting sex life you really need to experiment a little to keep things sizzling hot. For most men it is important that they always bring new things to the table or the bedroom. It is important that they are able to provide pleasure to their partner so that their partner would payback in giving more pleasure to them also. It is after all a good give and take relationship.

So you are now ready to start getting seduced by a cougar and to try out doing oral sex. The most important thing is that you know what you should do with your tongue when everything is all set. It is important that you know that to touch and when to touch them.

Start With a Great Foreplay

Most men when giving oral sex they start right there and then. But it is always better to start with a little foreplay this will enable you to increase the excitement as you go. Always start with kissing your partner and get her into the mood. Then slowly just very slowly almost teasingly work your way down. If she’s not yet undressed make it more exciting by undressing her with your mouth and use a little tongue to tickle her a bit. Then working your way to the neck and on her breast, pay a little attention to her nipples and lick both of them until she moans. Then slowly give little kisses to her stomach and then last on her vagina.

Focus on The Right Spot

Once you are on your partner’s vagina you should always start slowly like in tonights girlfriend porn videos. Focus on the right spots mostly on her clitoris which is the most sensitive part. Just work your way around licking everything and pay attention on all the parts and also take notice on which part excites her more. If you want to try on a different thing you can use ice or try to drink cold water before licking your partner’s vagina. This will add a different thing to your oral sex time. Make sure that you put in enough pressure on her thing to give her the ultimate pleasure that could help her reach orgasm. Try to work your way in a circular motion then look for her G spot. You can also try to suck a little and blow a little air occasionally. Once you get used to it you would know when to suck and when to lick her. Once you get her on climax start to use your fingers to help her reach it. If you and your partner are vocal during sex you could listen to her on what she would like you to do. Your tongue is different from your fingers and penis after all.

Trying out different things once in a while by learning from team skeet videos will help you maintain the same kind of healthy sex life and it can even help you become closer to your partner. This is a different way of knowing them and knowing how to provide pleasure to them is a unique way of keeping them happy with your relationship.

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