Perving over Mommie

I’ve just gotten home after a night out with my colleagues in London, but I’m a little worse for wear oops! I can barely stand up straight so I jump onto the bed and try to get ready to go to sleep. Ooh my poor head is spinning!

I try to undo the top of my dress to take it off but I can’t, i can’t even take off my shoes. I fall down and lay on the bed too inebriated to do anything at all. baby you’re going to have to help me. Can you take off my shoes please?

You help mummy take off her shoes, and then her stockings too. As you do so you make sure to get a good long look. it’s not often you get chance to perve on mummy like this is it? Lots of slow motion views of mum’s feet, legs and bum as you tentatively touch her soft warm skin. Mmm she smells and looks so good! You’re going to really enjoy the view.

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