Watch Mummy Cum

I’m getting changed after a long day at work when I notice you’ve been watching me through the crack in the door! At first I’m shocked and try to explain how wrong it is of you to look at me that way. But i’m also concerned for you and want to make sure you know all about arousal and how it works.

I can’t touch you, and i can’t let you touch me, but if you’re a good boy I’m going to let you watch while i make myself cum with my hitachi Magic Wand. I strip off down to my bra and black lace thong and sit above you on a stool POV style

You look like you need a little encouragement as you’re so nervous, so I tell you exactly how to stroke your cock while giving you a good view of my panties as i stroke my pussy through them. Oh my, how big you’ve grown lately! Let’s cum together..

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